Deep Tissue Massage

You will enjoy the deep tissue massage therapy in Leeds, when you need firmer pressure or deeper massage. Lactic acid can build up in muscles after exercising causing pain and tightness. Massaging the deepest layers of muscles will relax and lengthen them which will ease the pain and tension. There are many great things Deep Tissue massage can do for you :


  • relieve chronic pain
  • aid in muscle healing
  • speed up recovery from heavy training (prevents injury)
  • increase flexibility and mobility
  • create a feeling of well-being¬†
  • reduce stress
  • boost performance
  • help to heal scar tissue

*If you have any health problems, please make sure you are allowed to have massage treatments before booking


Always drink plenty of water after treatments! Avoid coffee, alcohol, fizzy drinks and any heat treatments like sauna, steam room or Jacuzzi. Try to rest after massage and have a calm day/evening.